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The Patterson Twins-Bio
The Patterson Twins (Estus Patterson, and Lester Patterson} were born in Magee, Mississippi on December 9, 1946.) Their musical background stems from singing in church, and High School. Their first professional singing performance was with a gospel group known as the Southern Sons. The twins pulled away from the Southern sons and started a Duo known as the “Soul Twins”. Both of the Patterson Twins had families to support, and didn't make enough income from Music alone in the early days to pay all the bills, so they had to work regular jobs. They would work the local clubs, and bars on the weekends.
After graduating from high school, they moved to Erie Pennsylvania where further organized their careers.
In 1968/1969 the Twins would return home to neighboring Jackson Mississippi and perform with the “Mid - South Revue”. Hense Powell - the Musical Arranger, and Director for the Mid - South Revue, was attending Jackson State University at that particular time, and was impressed with the talent and raw soul of the Duo, and put them on the show, which also featured Dorthy Moore - who later recorded Misty Blue for Malaco Records in the mid 1970's.
The Soul Twins first recordings was released in 1972 on a label by the name of Big Beat, located in Greenville, Mississippi. Some of the songs released are; “Something you got”, “ It's worthwhile having”, “Hold on to it”, and “Come on everybody get with the beat”.
The Soul Twins changed their name to “The Patterson Twins” when they signed with Star Fox Enterprises. Troy Shondell was their record producer. The first record “If I ever got you back” written by George Jackson, and Raymond Moore, was leased to King Records. “Back In Love Again”, and “A Good Thing” was recorded on King Records. “If I Ever Get You Back”, and “Got Some Problems” were released on King in 1973. “Looking for a Lover” was recorded on Ronn Records and leased to Jewel - Paula Records.
The Twins later on signed a deal with Commercial Records in Nashville, Tennessee, and recorded “Let me be your lover”, and “He's a loser”, “You Give Me Someone To Love”, “Funk Machine”, and “Gonna Find A True Love”.
Ronn Records also recorded several songs on the Patterson Twins which were unissued until it appeared on a Japanese P-Vine CD issued in 1991, and was also released in the U. K. on a 2001 West Side Cd "Soul.
The Twins recorded “I Need Your Love, and “Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right in 1973 with Malaco Records which was released in 1976, and was recorded at Muscle Shoals recording studioin Alabama. Most of the product recorded on the patterson Twins has been distributed in the United Kingdom, and Japan.
Migrating to Los Angeles, California in 1976, the Patterson Twins began working with Hense Powell who had moved to Los Angeles in 1970. Hense Powell during that time was a studio musician, and arranger working with Johnny Bristol, La' Mont Dozier, Edwin Starr, Richard Dimples Fields, and Bloodstone. Joining forces they began writing songs, and recording in various studios around the Los Angeles area.
“New Wave”, and “I Love You So” was released 1981 on Montage Records, and was produced and arranged by Hense Powell. The Patterson Twins appeared on “Soul Train in 1981 singing “New Wave”. These two sides were distributed by E.M.I./Capital Records.
“Baby Workout”, and “They're Playing Our Song On The Radio” was released in 1984 on Konkord Records. “Dance Contest”, “I Cry To You”, and “Jesus Is Coming”, also on Konkord Records was released in 1985. “Call Jesus Up”, and “Jesus I Love You So” was released in 1988 on Konkord Records.
The current C D entitled: “If I Could Live My Life Again” was released on September 01, 2006 on H P MUSIC PROD. The Album includes twelve song titles which were Produced and arranged by Hense Powell. The songs were written by Hense Powell, Estus Patterson, Lester Patterson and Philip Wilkes. The dynamic Duo is still going strong today, and sounding better than ever.
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